Pulse Issue 2: 2023

The Garden Where Grass Grows Too Long

by: Liam Kelly

Faint light pours through the blinds like putty

Clenched through a fist,

Forming soft tape

Curling like icing on the wood floors.

It’s blooming reminds me of the garden;

The summer when the grass grew too long.

Our foam swords clashed with unflattering WHACKS as we danced across the yard.


WHACK WHACK up the steps,

WHACK WHACK SSSSLLLING WHACK down the dew-green slide.

We landed like rogues do,

Our swords crossed like tape when you pointed to my foot;

The grass squirmed beside it.

I leaped away like rogues do

And we silently watch the rabbit

Paw at the ground

With its last good leg

Paddle into the flowers.

We’ve hidden inside from the garden since.

Liam Kelly (He/Him/They) is a multimedia creative who is committed to the Great Entity known as "The Bit". Juggling between varying passions, mediums, and interests, Liam seeks to create spontaneous, naturalistic, and semi-chaotic performances. That-- or just be entertaining. It is very unclear.