Pulse Issue 2: 2023
1. Girls Don't Fly

by Addyson Douglas

tw: misogyny, disordered eating

"I drink down dirt in droves and decide that I deserve decimals of what men have / A man told me that"

2. Cigarette House

by Addyson Douglas

"My lips yearned for tobacco’s end, the only kiss that didn’t lie to me"

3. untitled (our time)

by G. Morgan

tw: death, phobia

"I have to grab at this rope and tie it to something before it goes taut / and pray that it holds"

4. phonograph matrix (hi mom)

by G. Morgan

tw: mention of surgery, blood

"I didn't ask if I could be this small or be wrapped up or be here, at this exact latitude, in this longing for a woman I barely know."

5. I'll Never Forget the Dorval Bus Terminal

by Cameron Atlas Chiovitti

"I’m too young to forget every time I was too young to be happy. Am I still me without the childhood wall decals dimpled into my cheeks?"

6. My Body Needs A Home Renovation

by Kali Mitres

"The only thing inevitable in life is death; the only thing that remains constant."

7. Woe Is Her

by Mich Maliszewska

"Unloveable baby born wrong."

8. Overgrown

by Gus Grass

"When lovers have names of no one I’ve yet to know ... When lovers utter words from places I’ve yet to go"

9. Untitled

by Evan D’Alleva

"like the dust cold on his truck / brought to this snowless town / and melted at the feet"

10. In The Winter Meadow

by Emiliya Volchenko

"Frozen petals weave tales."

11. The Pill

by Nick Pico

"I was twenty-six when I took the pill. Nothing particularly extraordinary was happening in my life... Now, I’m two hundred and six."


by Elijah Harrison

"All my fibres gliding and seeping / Down into the other, / Sliding through the under, / Twisting to the glistening beneath"

13. Aluminum Town

by Elijah Harrison

(Note: this submission is audio-only)

14. Rosemary and Frog Legs

by Ivy Sarker

The high school girls sneak out of their houses to climb through the forest after curfew, they leave jars filled with rosemary and frog legs on the front steps — they believe the ghost will curse their heartbreakers.

"When discussing the film at a family dinner, my cousin remarked that part of the reason she loved Asteroid City (2023) was because it had no overarching message, no larger point. Instinctually, I wanted to argue. I came out of the film with the impression that Asteroid City was one of Anderson’s most meaningful works."

16. Racing/Running/Something

by Reem Rizk

"I wish I could be next to you on New Year's Eve without feeling the need to be picked up in my mom’s van. / I wish you felt like a congregation done right or the girls' bathroom at a loud club."

17. Mom’s Cooking

by Reem Rizk

"The secret ingredient is almost always cloves, and a woman is born with all her eggs."

18. Half Life

by J. L

"How many walls will I put up to keep me caged? / How many soldiers will meet the same fate?"

"Faint light pours through the blinds like putty / Clenched through a fist"

20. Mercy as the Keeper

by Rumaisa Ahmad

"Born guilty into this world, / The first bite of fruit still rots in man’s stomach–"