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About Blind Date with a Book

PULSE's Blind Date with a Book event took place on March 16th & March 17th in the main lobby of 100 McCaul. The OCADU community eagerly stopped by to find new reads, carefully wrapped with short descriptions. Hosted by the OCADU Creative Writing Program's literary journal, PULSE, this two-day book sale was unlike any other. Though the genre of the event was surely an exciting mystery, the genres of the books themselves were less verifiable.

Members of the PULSE 2023 Editorial Board wrapped the for sale books, and provided intriguingly hilarious clues in lieu of their own titles. This gave OCADU’s community of book lovers the chance to find the one, all without judging a book by its cover! With PULSE Literary Journal’s release approaching, the hosts provided bingo cards to the community. PULSE's Blind Date with a Book Bingo gave the community a chance to play a quick scavenger hunt and test their luck. Winners would go on to receive a free copy of the journal!

Photo Credit: Maha Jahangir

There’s No Concealing the Talent of OCADU Writers!

Looking to read the wonderful work inside the PULSE Annual Print Journal? There’s no concealing the prodigious work written by OCADU’s Creative Writing community. You can pre order a copy here before our release on April 25th! Stop by our Launch event, or by our GradEx booth to get your copy! We can guarantee that you and the work of the Creative Writing students featured in Pulse 2023 is a match made in heaven.

An Air of Mystery

An air of mystery surrounded this literary scavenger hunt. The diversity of books was wide, as the selection of books was donated by the community. The books were hand-wrapped and marked with playful taglines to hint at what could possibly be hidden inside. These taglines ranged from silly plot summaries, to drawings, to hashtags. Readers passing through 100 McCaul gathered to laugh and converse over the creative clues. The efforts of the OCADU community within this project solidified the event's success. The PULSE team was incredibly grateful for those who donated, assisted in setting up the event, and to everyone who stopped by!

Thanks to All

The event was well received, having nearly sold out the entire stock of books on the first day! That night, PULSE board members stayed up late wrapping even more books so that the following day would be adequately stocked to meet the overwhelming demand.

A special shoutout goes to Alan Dong, member of the OCADU Community and Blind Date With A Book Bingo winner, who helped stay late to wrap books alongside members of the PULSE Editorial Board! We at Pulse would like to thank the OCAD University community for being so supportive of this project, and we hope that the Blind Date With A Book event brightened the semester up for all who participated. Whether or not you and your book were love at first sight, the writers at the PULSE team are incredibly infatuated by your love of reading!

A well deserved celebration!