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Launch Night

Food and Entertainment

At eight in the evening, Glad Day Bookshop was packed to the brim as guests enjoyed the multiple stations that were set up for the PULSE 2nd Issue Launch Night.

In the typewriter station, guests wrote poems, letters, and notes for their friends and family. For many, it had been their first time trying out a typewriter.

At the selling table, guests picked up and read through copies of PULSE 2nd Issue, preparing for the readings later that evening.

At the bar, guests mingled and ate delicious food. There was much to try on the menu for the evening, including: nacho chips and dips, pulled BBQ chicken platters, hummus platters, beer battered cauliflower bites, and grilled apple bergères. Yum!

Photo credit: Ysabelle Manalang

The Open Mic

By nine in the evening, we began our Open Mic segment at the front stage, hosted by Creative Writing student Nura. All were welcomed to participate, pending a brief screening from PULSE editors. They served as the perfect introduction to the PULSE 2nd Issue readings.

The PULSE 2nd Issue Readings

After a brief intermission, in which guests mingled, ate more food, and wrote more notes on the typewriter, the contributors kickstarted the reading of the PULSE 2nd Issue. Guests listened with bated breaths as riveting language and imagery transported them into different worlds.

Many thanks!

The night ended with a speech from our Editor in Chief, Avi, where he thanked our contributors, guests, and the PULSE Editorial Board for the successful launch.

Join us again at GradEx 2023!

We will be selling more copies of PULSE 2nd Issue at GradEx 2023 by the Black Box theatre, at 49/51 McCaul Street. If you haven’t picked up a copy yet, we encourage you to come by.

Photo credit: Liam Kelly

A Friendly Reminder

Please also don’t forget to check out chapters I, II, and III of our PULSE Digital Journal on our website!