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Ysabelle Manalang

Web Designer & Web Content Writer

Ysabelle is a third year Creative Writing student who is deeply interested in digital and online publication platforms. She currently strongholds two jobs while managing full-time studies and her practice. She enjoys reading and writing fiction and poetry, and dabbles a bit in non-fiction. Her other hobbies include hyperfixating on niche topics, obsessively planning out her future, and retail therapy. Her dream is to one day work at a publishing company.

Any reflections on your time with PULSE?

"The most enjoyable part of PULSE undeniably has been the ability to meet and get to know my creative writing peers part of the Editorial Board. There were so many wonderful, interesting people on this team, all with strengths and weaknesses that nicely complimented each other."

Any social media?

Instagram: @ysa_f_m.